Quality System

VERITASThe Maritime high school complies in its work with the ISO 9001 standard. The Certificate was issued by one of the most renowned worldwide certification institutions BUREAU VERITAS. The school received its first certificate in 2001 and afterwards it was successfully recertified in 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015. In addition to applying this standard, the school also implements education in compliance with STCW convention regulations in achieving qualifications in the maritime industry. By applying these standards, the school enables its students to find jobs easily in the world maritime job market.  This job market has become more and more demanding in terms of training quality for seafarers, hence the school manages its quality system constantly and improves the training process as well as invests efforts in applying modern developments in seamanship. The documents pertaining to quality system which are currently being used in school are constantly revised through practical use and improved in order to achieve the most optimal work organization which results in a “product” of the utmost possible quality.

The quality system policy at the Maritime high school in Kotor is part of the overall business policy of the school and it is based on establishing, application and maintenance of the business system as well as on the principles of quality management with the aim of utter compliance with requirements, needs and expectations of the end user, with constant improvements of the quality management system and increase in efficiency and effectiveness of the overall school management.

The quality system at Maritime High School is based on the following:

  • We treat with high regard the users of our services. We understand their needs and harmonize these needs with needs and expectations of the employees, with the maritime industry and society. We do our best to meet the requirements of all parties involved in the process.
  • We establish and pass on the school vision, work on strengthening the key values through leadership in order to channel activities of all employees towards realization of the vision.
  • We involve our employees into the development of the school, make use of their knowledge and experience, we appreciate their contribution and provide for a motivating environment in order for them to live up to their potentials.
  • We embrace an approach of process management and we manage the interconnected processes within a unique system, all to the effect of implementing all the goals the school has.
  • We provide for an environment in which each person is motivated to constantly upgrade their efficiency and effectiveness of our service, the process and our management system.
  • We base our decisions on a logical and intuitive analysis of gathered data and when possible on precise measurement of service characteristics, process and system.
  • We make sure our services constantly improve in terms of formal and informal education of future seafarers as well as in terms of training for seafarers in order for them to acquire licenses for high level seafaring qualifications.
  • We cooperate with all relevant institutions in seafaring and education for seafarers in order to improve conditions for both education and training.