Awards and honors


Bay of Boka Navy Charter

The head of the Boka Navy awarded our school on 8th of November 1972 for exceptional merit in improving our seamanship and its reputation.


„21st November“ award

This award was given by the Municipality Kotor to the rowing team of the Maritime high school for extraordinary achievements and results at international competition for junior ambassadors of our town and society on the 21st November 2006.

orden zasluga

People’s gold star medal for merit

This significant medal was awarded to the school on occasion of its celebration of 120 years from its founding, when the president of the Republic Josip Broz Tito honored the school with a visit. At that time this was an enormous honor and even today it is no little accomplishment to think that the school was awarded such a medal and that it had such a good reputation in the ex- Yugoslavia and the region.


State Award Oktoih for 2016

The Maritime High School won the Oktoih award for 2016. This award is the highest honor in the field of education and it is awarded for accomplishment of exceptional results in the field of education and teaching.